What is Person Driven Consulting?

          Person Driven Consulting was established as a passion effort by Paul to assist agencies, schools, and other organizations in providing the highest quality of person centered services and supports for individuals with disabilities and exceptionalities. PDC was founded around the understanding that in order to best serve individuals with exceptionalities, every decision and action made by the related stakeholders needs to be driven directly by the needs, wants, and goals of the individual involved. We recognize the inherent human right of every individual to be involved in as an active participant in the decision making process that impacts their future. We acknowledge and greatly respect the essential tenets of person centered systems but are conscientious of the fact that many perceive the word “centered” as meaning a focus of rather than expressing the concept of an individual being an active and involved participant of the process. Person Driven Consulting was built to further this notion and help provide the tools and experience necessary for agencies, schools, organizations, and other change makers to implement best practices and outcomes for all individuals they support and serve.

          Staffed by a exiguous and dedicated team of professionals and researchers in the field of education and human services, Person Driven Consulting taps into its pool of expertise to best support your organization's needs as it strives to follow best practices while meeting the needs of those you serve. Let our passionate and driven team support you in making the changes that matter!


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